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Survival Solutions OFT
Jason Velez’s site dedicated to Real World Self-Defense/Offense

Jason “Tiger” Velez’s Worldwide Self Defense


Barela Martial Arts Foundation


Sifu Lazaro “Assassin” Bueno’s Websites


Guru Aaron St.Louis’s Bushido Martial Arts Foundation

Also he’s the founder of Adrenal Response Training Systems (The A.R.T.S. of Street Survival)
Creator of the F.A.S.T. Combatives  program (Fierce Assault Survival Tactics)


Sifu Richard Johns Lionheart Security


Solomon’s Martial Arts


Sifu Jason Uga’s Universal Grappling Arts


Sifu Günther Benjamins’s Ving Tsun Academy Europe

Krav Maga Germany


Sifu Thor E. Sulland’s Infinite Warrior Arts


Guru Gilbert Green’s Chaos Fighting Tactics


Mike Omerbegovich’s International MMA Association


Shihan James Eddings’ Jeet Kune Do Page


Guru Robert Fass’ Innovative Fighting System


Sifu Christopher Labriola


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