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Sigung John Lopez (President Emeritus) founded Survival Solutions JKD in 1992 and it continues today with this website dedicated to him as well as the lineage he comes from.

Sigung Lopez’s lineage can be traced right back to Sijo Bruce Lee. This creates an authentic teaching line for all of Survival Solutions members.  Sigung Lopez focused his organization on teaching only those things that he could prove worked on the streets. Survival Solutions is just that, survival solutions.Throughout the years, Sigung Lopez has taught and certified many wonderful and talented Instructors.  In October of 2009, Sigung John Lopez retired from teaching Martial Arts.  Sigung Lopez is a great asset to the JKD arts, and those who have trained with him, know of his abilities and understanding of the human mind. His legacy lives on through his Instructors.

Survival Solutions JKD is a non-political organization and designed to maintain the integrity that Sigung John Lopez first envisoned. That means all instructors certified under him will be recognized. If, for any reason, any instructor convicted of a felony that reflects badly upon the organization, will be removed. This especially includes those convicted of assaults, child molestation, rape, and the like. Bullying will not be tolerated. While Sigung Lopez is not involved in the day-to-day activities, does not mean his spirit is not here. It still is.

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