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Wisdom of Bruce Lee

March 31, 2012

We all know of Bruce Lee’s fighting abilities and his martial arts. What he really brought forth to all of us was his wisdom. Felix Dennis, the publisher of Maxim Magazine (and former publisher of Kung Fu Monthy), once co-wrote a book entitled The Wisdom of Bruce Lee. In it he brought forth much of the wisdom of Bruce Lee not known at the time (1976) and even now.

When Bruce Lee first started teaching his martial arts, he wanted to do it in such a way that it was customized for each person. He knew that not one size fits all. He did not was a set way, but a flowing way. In fighting, Bruce Lee was about winning by any means possible. if you had to bite, then do it. Whatever it took. There was no specific way. Hence, “the way of now way” was born. Jeet Kune Do is simply that.

Bruce Lee taught no more than 6 students at any given time. Most of the time he taught only 3. He thought this was the best way to instill both the internal and external aspects of his art and philosophy. And he did.

More on his philosophy and wisdom comes from this video:

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