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Martial Arts & MMA Conditioning

March 21, 2012

Those of us in the martial arts world know that physical as well as mental conditioning is important.  Personally, I’ve been a lifelong advocate of both areas.  If your conditioning in both areas fail you, then all the techniques in the world is not going to help.  As instructors, it’s important to set the example too.  And to possess the best possible knowledge that will help your students become the best they can be.

I’m currently looking into programs that will give you the background knowledge and practical application that will help you help others.  As a fitness expert, I feel this is important for you.  One of the one’s I ran across comes from the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA).  It’s a home study course that will bring you up to knowledge in the area of biomechanics as it pertains to martial arts, MMA and other fighting sports.

It also includes specific training and drills that will take an individual to a highly fit level.  You may also want to do these yourself.  Just make sure you are physically ready.  For more information check out their site. Once completed, you’ll get certified as a MMA Conditioning Coach:

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