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Building a Martial Arts Website using WordPress

April 12, 2011

I know that many instructors are looking to build a professional website for their martial arts business. In today’s world it’s important to have one where both students and prospective students can do to.

Many professionals I know in many areas are gravitating to WordPress. Why? Simply because it’s easy to maintain. Instead of using a webmaster to maintain and update your pages, using WordPress, you can do it yourself.

WordPress is designed on a blog-based platform. But it’s much more than that. It operates like a true, professional website. Once you sign up for a WordPress blog, you have the choice of how your site will look like. By going to the appearance link, you can pick the theme that you want. I would suggest picking one where you can customize the header. There are even ones where you can customize the background design. Or just pick what color you want.

You can add pages for each area of your organization. The standard one is the “about” page. Posts are basically the blog posts you’d make. Now here’s the exciting about that. Recently Google changed the way they rank websites. They want fresh content. By posting regular blogs, not only will it keep your viewer informed of the latest happenings, it also adds fresh content. Blogs can be articles that you write, just make sure they are only for the blog and not elsewhere.

There’s much more you can do with this. And you can keep it hosted at for free or self-host it (like at Go Daddy or HostGator). The choice is yours. At, you can upgrade. One of the things I would suggest is having your own unique web address.

If you need help in setting it up, just contact me, okay?


Bob Choat

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