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10-Year-Old Pianist and How He Relates to JKD

April 3, 2011

Andrew Ma is an accomplished pianist living north of Seattle. Since the age of 5 he has been practicing for 2 hours per day. His skills are amazing and yet it’s not the reason why he is so good. As his piano teacher describes his piano performance, Andrew shows amazing emotional play that is very mature.

Andrew, himself, states that he doesn’t focus on the notes when he plays. Instead, he says that it’s the expression of the art that’s important. Now, where have we heard that before? Of course, Bruce Lee said the same thing about JKD. It’s not the technical parts of JKD that is important, but the expression of it. Once each practitioner knows the techniques, it’s very important to express JKD for his or herself. Put in the flow of the art as it works for you, not for other people.

Only through the expression can each practitioner truly begin to master it. Every person who has accomplished great things, have done so by expressing from their inner selves to the outer world. So it is the same in JKD and your martial arts. Once you have a good base, then begin the practice of expression. Andrew Ma did this instinctively and so did Bruce Lee.

Go beyond perfecting techniques to perfecting expression for you.

Resource: 10-year-old piano phenom wows Seattle on the keys

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