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Living at a Higher State of Mind in Your JKD

March 28, 2011

As each of us practice in Jeet Kune Do, we have to go beyond just the skill-set and into the mindset. As you get stronger and stronger during your practice, it’s important to get just as strong in the way you think. We all know that the founder, Bruce Lee, was a student of philosophy. Philosophers have always been known at thinking at a higher level.

Bruce Lee understood that we all must think at that higher level in order progress as martial artists. We have to understand what it means and not just the physical fighting skills developed. While Sijo Lee studied the fighting arts of many different areas, he also studied the philosophy of both Western and Eastern masters.

Part of thinking is also looking at opinions versus the truth. Opinions are just. Many people have them and spurt them out all the time. While opinions of some help most people to make decision one way or another, it also hampers their ability to think. People are seduced by the opinions of some. Celebrities use their status to pitch a product, write a book, or push a political agenda. People will give them credence over the opinion of an expert in the respective field. People just don’t think and will repeat the opinion of these people as if they were the truth.

In JKD, I believe it’s time to add that aspect of what Bruce Lee was all about. Thinking at a higher level. Part of that is reading more. Bruce Lee had an amazing library. Now is the time to build yours and become a thinker too.

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